Juliet Williams Chair Social Science Interdepartmental Program (SSIDP)

Juliet Williams, Chair

Welcome to the UCLA Social Science Interdepartmental Program!

The SSIDP supports research and teaching collaborations across departments in the UCLA Division of Social Sciences and beyond, with a focus on methodological innovation and creative problem-solving. Our programs encourage innovative social science research by bringing diverse faculty and students together to generate new understanding of key social issues. At the same time, we aim to transform research training in the social sciences for the twenty-first century with initiatives that rethink traditional approaches to teaching and learning.

Our current programs include the Writing Initiative, the Teaching Innovation Initiative, the T-Lab and the new Master of Social Science Program. We look forward to an exciting year ahead, and hope you will join us in re-envisioning the future of social science.


UCLA Master of Social Science Program
The UCLA Master of Social Science Program is accepting applications now.

The UCLA Master of Social Science (MaSS) is a rigorous nine-month program based on an innovative curriculum designed and taught by distinguished UCLA faculty.

Read about MaSS in this UCLA Newsroom article.

The MaSS program trains students in interdisciplinary and multi-method research approaches and prepares them for doctoral training in social science fields, and for careers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors that require strong analytical and quantitative/qualitative skills.



Lecture courses are commonplace in higher education—but is the lecture format a good way to teach?
How well do students learn from lectures?
Are there better alternatives?

The articles below present two contrasting perspectives that raise important questions about the structure and function of teaching and learning in the social sciences. What do you think?

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Molly Worthen, “Lecture Me. Really.”
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